Conference Venue ( LIONEL HOTEL İSTANBUL )

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Hagia Sophia Museum

As one of the most well-known places of worship in the world, Hagia Sophia, built 3 times in the same place, took its final form in 537.

On the day Hagia Sophia was opened for worship, Emperor Justinian said, “Thank God for giving me the opportunity to make such a place of worship. Ve It is rumored that he shouted, “O Solomon, I passed you, Süley referring to the Temple of Solomon.After the conquest of Istanbul, Hagia Sophia was opened to worship as a mosque, mihrabs, pulpit, muezzin mahfiller, sermon pulpit and maxurses were added. Hagia Sophia is seen as a museum by millions of people every year since 1935. The museum is closed for half day visit on the first day of Ramadan and Eid al-Adha.


Topkapi Palace

The Ottoman Empire is one of the world's broadest borders and has continued to dominate for centuries. The Topkapi Palace, where this deep-rooted history and magnificent structure was ruled for 400 years and where the sultans and their families lived, is waiting to be seen in the Historical Peninsula in all its glory. This palace, which witnesses the most glorious weddings of the Ottoman Empire, the ceremonies of the throne or the intrigues and sad stories, can leave you in the arms of history and share a unique feast of history. Topkapı Palace Museum and Harem Tour are among the Harem section of the palace, the Hirka-ı Saadet Office and Has Room section, the Babü’s Saade section and the Pavilion Garden section.


Grand Bazaar

One of the most popular stops of the Historic Peninsula is the Grand Bazaar, which has been standing in Beyazıt for 550 years. The Grand Bazaar, known by foreigners as the Grand Bazaar, is famous for its streets where you will get lost and the goldsmiths who shape the world gold market. In addition to shopping in Istanbul's oldest bazaar, you will find that everything sold here reflects the ancient spirit of Istanbul.


Basilica Cistern

The cistern, built to meet the water needs of the palace during the Byzantine Period, still impresses with its glamorous columns and Medusa statue.


Galata Tower

Galata Tower, where long queues are expected to go to the top and watch the view of Istanbul, is one of the most important symbols that draw the silhouette of Istanbul. It is the most popular of the rumors about the tower that the lovers who came together in the tower got married at the end.


Rumeli Fortress

Rumelihisari, which was built in 90 days in order to cut the aid that could come from the Black Sea to Byzantium during the conquest of Istanbul by Fatih Sultan Mehmet, is also known as Boğazkesen Hisarı. Rumelihisarı is a magnificent building with its three big towers and its walls. It is located directly opposite the Anatolian Fortress at the point where the two shores of the Bosphorus approach each other. The castle, where once open air events such as Rumelihisarı Concerts took place, is now open to visitors as a museum. The cannons, cannonballs and part of the chain that is said to close the Golden Horn are still on display at the Rumeli Fortress Museum.


      The Dungeons of Yedikule

Edik Yedikule is worse than the seven dungeon dungeons, ”he says, Yeni Yeni Türkü, once the last stop of all thugs in Istanbul. Yedikule Dungeons. converted into a military garrison. Today Turkey and Istanbul, which is one of the largest open-air museum Fortress Museum, historic sites in Istanbul Fatih has an important place in the list of attractions.


Dolmabahçe Palace

This Dolmabahce Palace, built in the Ottoman Sultan at the Bosporus Abdülmecit 1856, the Dolmabahce Palace, the largest palace in biri.türkiye of Istanbul's most important landmark, the majestic bears traces of Western architecture, Atatürk because of the venue where she spent her last days it also has a different spiritual value.


Maiden's Tower

The Maiden's Tower, one of the most romantic symbols of Istanbul, was restored in 2000 and began to serve as a restaurant. It is one of the customs of Istanbul to propose marriage to the Maiden's Tower, which is reached by boat from the coast in Üsküdar in 5 minutes. There is no requirement to eat in the restaurant to visit the Maiden's Tower, you can see the Maiden's Tower closely by paying the toll only.

From Üsküdar Salacak and Kabataş to the Maiden Tower by boat, every day between 09.00-18.45 hours from Üsküdar Salacak pier; Only weekends depart from Kabataş between 09.00-18.45.